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Trend Spotted! Champagne Towers

Wedding trends for 2021 and 2022 are full of glitz and glamour. It’s all Gastby-inspired, opulent-loving, nothing too “over the top” style that couples are loving.

One detail that is making a comeback among all the glamour is champagne towers! Champagne towers at galas and events went from the new and unseen to the old fashion visual. Now couples are embracing these lovable, sparkling towers.

We’re here to talk about all things champagne towers and how to use them at your wedding.

First things first – don’t try this at home! Use a professional caterer or bartending service to achieve the perfect champagne tower. Yes, you can try to DIY it, but without the right glassware and technique the look will fall flat. Literally.

Speaking of glassware, you’ll want to choose the right options. Your caterer or rental company can help you choose the right glassware. Champagne flutes are pretty, but not tower friendly. You’ll generally want to be working with coupes (also very trendy!) with a firm, heavy base.

Your tower can be short and sweet or tall and dramatic. Most towers average 26 glasses high, which means you’ll use 6 bottles of champagne to fill your tower. However, they can get much taller! It all depends on what you want to spend budget-wise and how impressive you want your tower to be.

Add extra glam by having your champagne sabered! This is an awesome technique that will always wow a crowd and create drama. No need to saber multiple bottles. Use the technique for the first bottle and have the remaining bottles opened and ready to go.

Once the photos are complete, your guests will be grabbing glasses for their pleasure. So be sure to serve quality bubbles! If you can’t afford French Champagne, head to new world wines such as Cava from Spain or a sparkling wine from California.

When it comes to pouring the champagne into the tower, lots of couples love to do it themselves. The pouring makes a great photo-op and also…it’s just fun! You’ll need to pour slowly and steadily to make it work. The champagne will flow down from the top glass to the very end.

If you don’t want to take the time to pour the whole tower, that’s fine. Just get it started, take some great pics, and let the banquet staff handle the rest.

In addition to stacking the champagne glasses in a traditional tower, you’ve got options. Acrylic bases are often used to achieve the towered look without the hassle. You can also create a cool effect by nestling your champagne glasses in ice along with the bottles.

If you’re thinking about adding a champagne tower to your wedding talk to your wedding planner, your caterer or your wedding venue to make it happen!