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Aly Am Guest Post

With the rush of so many details to think about for every wedding, Gretchen Olivares, owner of Aly Am Paperie, has a solution to ensure your special family mementos don’t get forgotten. From your family Bible to heirloom jewelry, these special items are often missed in the photography rush the day of the wedding. With Aly Am Paperie’s Memory Box, you won’t need to worry about capturing these details.


Your special day is fast approaching and you still have SO many little details to think of. We, at Aly Am Paperie, treat all our couples to a little gift to help with this.  When picking up your custom invitations, you’re gifted with a beautiful white memory box with a magnetic closer.  Inside are two notes; one for you, our happy couple, and one to your photographer.

The couple’s note is a sweet reminder to use this box to place all the special items that you’d like your photographer to shoot. All those important, often forgot, detail shots! It seems so simple but is one of most regret after the wedding. The picture of Grandma’s antique broach laying sweetly next to your bouquet of flowers, your invitation sharing the scene with your flowers, or a rosary on a family Bible topped with your wedding rings.

Some of the items you place in your memory box may include: a special cuff links & tie pin set; Dad’s military memorabilia; a rosary; the family Bible; a broach or sentimental jewelry; your something borrowed or blue; your invitation set with its cards, envelopes, wax seal and other accoutrements; a special lipstick or perfume; an engraved handkerchief; your garter or anything else of sentimental value that will be part of your wedding day.

The note for your photographer let’s them how important capturing these detail shots are to you. Your memory box, with all its special mementos can then be handed over a day or two before your big day which allows your photographer time to plan out and allow time for your detail photos.

These photographs share your wedding day memories with future generations. And the items included in these detail shots will be passed down the generations for your descendants own weddings, available for their own wedding photos. As such, the photographs become a part of your genealogical records. Planning for these simple yet meaningful detail shots tells the story of your wedding for generations to come.

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