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Bridal Show Tips For Couples: 5 Post Wedding Show Tips

Recently attended the Bridal Extravaganza? Looking for bridal show tips for after the show?

Here are 5 things to do after visiting a bridal show to make the most of your visit!

You hit the wedding show floor with gusto, bridal posse in tow. Still, even if you did sign a contract with a wedding professional onsite, you likely still have some vendors to book. Above all, the post-show follow up can be overwhelming.  Don’t fret! We have 5 Bridal Show Tips for Couples on what to do after a wedding show visit.

Bridal Show Tip #1: Check Your Emails

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an important step. Get the most out of your bridal show visit by checking your emails frequently.

After visiting with many wedding professionals onsite, the most common way they’ll follow up with you is via email. And that email will likely include short-term promotions. These are often only good in the days or weeks after the wedding show. Discounts and upgrades are standard at bridal shows. Don’t miss a single one!

After all, this is also true for any wedding professionals you may have missed at the show. Don’t be turned off if an email isn’t personalized or you aren’t familiar with the vendor. For best results, quickly skim your emails post-show and keep on the lookout for wedding vendors you still need.

Bridal Show Tip #2…and Check Your Voicemails

If you were a winner at the Bridal Extravaganza for a Grand Prize or Cash for Contracts promotion, you’ll be notified via phone. Now that’s a call you don’t want to miss!

The Bridal Extravaganza team will walk you through all the next steps you need to take to claim your prize.

In addition, if you made a real connection with a wedding vendor, they are more likely to reach out via phone. In “regular life” you may not answer unknown calls or listen to voicemail messages. But with wedding planning, that doesn’t work.

Bridal Show Tip #3: Get Comfortable with “NO”

Here’s the real deal, wedding professionals really want to work with you for your wedding day. And they are looking for that right fit just like you are.

If a wedding professional isn’t a good fit for you, just let them know you’re not interested. Maybe they’re out of your budget. Or don’t match your style. It’s fine. Trust us, no wedding pro is trying to talk you into something you’re not looking for. They just need to know.

In other words, respond with a quick “no thank you” so you can both move on. They’ll appreciate it!

Bridal Show Tip #4: Do Your Research

To start, you’ll want to set aside some dedicated time post-show to research the wedding vendors you spoke to, and even the ones you didn’t get to.

To begin, sort through any printed materials you gathered up. Hit up their website or vendor profile on Texas Weddings. Next, create stacks to sort quickly such as No Longer Needed, Need More Info and Very Interested. Lastly, you can start with your most urgent needs such as a wedding planner or event venue. Then, work your way through items you can book after such as your minister and baker.

Most importantly, download the Texas Weddings app to keep track of your wedding vendors. You can send messages for follow up and see what specials they are currently promoting.

If you already downloaded the app prior to the show, the vendors you scanned onsite will already be in your favorites!

Thankfully, this makes your wedding planning easy and organized.

Bridal Show Tip #5: Attend Open House Events

Following a bridal show, wedding venues and other vendors commonly plan Open House events.

For instance, this could mean a wedding venue hosting a showcase complete with champagne venue tours, a bridal gown shop hosting a post-show one day sale or a caterer with an Open House tasting.

An Open House event is the perfect opportunity to visit multiple wedding venues in a short period of time. This way, you also won’t have the hassle of setting up one-on-one site visits.

Secondly, some of these Open House events come with their own day-of specials, and many include multiple vendors in one location.

Again, be on the lookout for Open House invitations in your email inbox, or visit the Texas Weddings Events page for a complete listing.