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Building Traditions At The Bach Parties

Combine old and new into your bachelor and bachelorette parties for a new, stand-out experience!  Think beyond the traditional booze-focused event and incorporate old traditions in new ways while celebrating your friends’ true love.  

 Whether you’ve managed to gather everyone for a whole weekend or just one day, these ideas will make your event one that everyone will remember.

The History Of Bachelor Parties

While the wild events featured in movies like The Hangover and Bridesmaids are recent developments to the wedding scene, bachelor parties have existed for centuries.  The first documented event dates back to the Spartans in the 5th century B.C.. Men would toast to their soon-to-be-married friend at a large feast.  The term “bachelor” dates back to Tudor England, when Geoffrey Chaucer first used the term in his The Canterbury Tales.  

Similarly, events surrounding the bride also have a lengthy history, albeit tamer.  In many cases, women would come together to prepare the bride for her wedding night. At the same time, everyone would hope she was blessed with a happy and fruitful marriage.

In the 19th century, bachelor parties began to become a bit rowdier, as evidenced by P.T. Barnum’s event in 1922, which resulted in multiple arrests of the guests.  Women’s events stayed somewhat tamer, due to societal pressures. However, after the sexual revolution of the 1960s, women also began to hit the town for drinks and debauchery.

A Modern Take

While bachelor and bachelorette parties have typically been gender-divided events, in modern times, many couples choose to combine them into one large party.  Additionally, more and more couples choose to do both over an entire, or even multiple, days. 

While drinking and wild behavior are still often a crucial part of bach parties, more and more people are opting for other bonding activities with their friends.  Women often choose to enjoy a spa day together, while men may opt for some sort of sporting activity, such as golf.  After, let both groups come together and party the night away.  In San Antonio, Mad Dog Restaurant Group operates several bars and restaurants that will keep alcohol flowing while giving you a private space to celebrate the upcoming nuptials undisturbed!

Tradition Meets Modern-Day

Consider incorporating classic traditions from around the world into your bach party.  Whether they are just fun, or have a deeper meaning and intention, it may be just the activity to make your event unforgettable.

For instance, in Germany, it’s traditional for the soon-to-be-married couple to participate in “Polterabend” or the “eve of making a racket”. Everyone breaks dishes because while they may break, love never will. Afterwards, the couple would work together to clean up the mess.  In San Antonio, take everyone to a rage room! All of the guests can participate in some dish throwing and work off the pre-wedding stress.  

Afterwards, split into two groups and party as the Germans do at the Mad Dog Restaurant Group’s Biergarten Riverwalk or the Little Rhein Prosthaus.

In Ireland, it’s tradition to do something competitive during the day, such as go-karting or paintball.  Afterward, the bride and groom’s friends come together to conduct the “Mr. and Mrs.” quiz, questioning the couple to see how well they know each other. In San Antonio, Maddy McMurphy’s offers the chance to do so on a big television screen over dinner, with Irish favorites such as  Guinness Stew or bangers and mash.

At British “stag” parties, everyone dresses in matching costumes for maximum entertainment.  As the night progresses, friends play pranks on the bride or the groom.  However, it’s better to keep the pranks on the tamer side. The event is about fun and laughter, not embarrassment.  Afterwards, everyone can toast to the couple at Mad Dogs British Pub and party the night away.

Planning The Bach Events

Typically, the best man and the maid of honor plan and host the bach events.  Whether planning them separately or working together for a joint party, it’s important to commit to planning them well.  The first step is to create the guest list. You may want to run it by the guests of honor prior to sending out invites to ensure it’s complete. This also gives you the chance to remove anyone who may bring unneeded stress or drama with them.  

Next, pick a date and a location.  Contrary to pop culture portrayals, no one wants the happy couple to be hungover, so bach parties are very rarely the night before the wedding.  Instead, plan for a month or so prior to the wedding.  If the event involves travel, contact a hotel to reserve a block of rooms. This will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to book their accommodations. You may also get a better deal by doing so.  Then tentatively make any reservations you’ll need – dinner, activities, and more.

Don’t overcomplicate the invitations to the guests. It’s acceptable to invite people via email or text. Doing so also creates a thread for everyone to stay up-to-date on the event itinerary and logistics.  

Finally, confirm all your reservations with a final headcount and prepare to have a good time.  The event is all about celebrating your friend’s happiness, so remember that when you encounter unexpected hitches in your plans.  At the end of the weekend, the bride or groom will remember being surrounded by loved ones.

Whatever you are planning for the bach events, keep it simple and fun.  While you may choose to change locations throughout the day, choose one place to finish, where the guests can eat, drink freely, and enjoy themselves. Find more wedding pros that can accommodate your entire group and help ensure that everyone has a great time at your party!