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Hot Wedding Catering Trends You Need to Know About

The money you spend on your wedding catering is often one of the largest investments you’ll make in creating your event. And even though your guest list may have shrank, that doesn’t mean your wedding should have any less flair. 

Weddings are trending formal and fancy, with a post-pandemic lust for glamour. Add some style and glam through your catering professional. Here’s how!

Synchronized Service

Server in a uniform holding a plate of food

Ask your caterer about synchronized service.

Synchronized Service adds a level of elegance and sophistication to your wedding reception meal. In this scenario, your guests will be served each course in harmony at the same time. 

Picture a long, beautifully decorated table with a row of servers all placing the salads down in unison in front of the guests. This type of service has a major wow factor and will impress your guests, all while keeping things humming along on time.

The biggest expense in this type of service is the cost. Since synchronized service requires one server per guest, rather than one per 2 or 3 tables. Though you can request this service for parties of any size, it’s ideal for smaller affairs of 20 – 50 guests. 

This type of service is especially beautiful for a multi-course dinner.

Multiple Courses

A couple years ago, you attended your friend’s wedding that featured action stations at the cocktail hour or voluminous buffets for dinner. Even if you’re planning for a wedding mid-2021 or later, you may still feel hesitant to host an event with these highly-interactive/high-touch types of food displays.

The good news is, you don’t need an action station to impress your guests. Kick up your dinner up a notch by featuring a multi-course affair. Think beyond salad and entree courses, and present your dinner through multiple smaller courses that give your guests a variety of scents and flavors. If they aren’t a fan of one round of courses, there will be plenty more to come.

Possible courses to incorporate:

  • Hors d’oeuvre
  • Amuse-bouche 
  • Soup Course
  • Appetizer
  • Salad Course
  • Fish Course
  • First Main Course
  • Palate Cleanser
  • Second Main Course
  • Cheese Course
  • Dessert

Exceptional Plating

Chef wiping a plate of good looking food

A beautiful plate will always be memorable.

You may have heard of the phrase “you eat with your eyes” – and it’s true. 

“Plating” refers to the final look of a dish that a caterer creates. The technique encompasses the balance of colors, the height of the dish, and the overall creativity. 

Many large-scale wedding caterers in Austin can create restaurant-quality dish that looks at good as it tastes. They can translate the look and style of your wedding to the plate. Think bold pops of color, strategically placed items, and design details that will dazzle your guests. 

If you’re looking for high-design in your dinner service, let your caterer be the guide. Start with flavors and textures that appeal to you, as well as foods to avoid. Allow the Chef be inspired. Avoid  arriving armed at your first meeting with an overwhelming Pinterest board of food pics. Once they understand your palate, the Chef will add the creativity. 

Generally, you’ll leave that initial meeting with some suggestions and ideas for the final tasting. 

French Cart Service

Waiter holding a tray of mini desserts

Consider French Cart service for your wedding.

French service adds a level of luxury and personalized service to your wedding reception dinner. 

Take a cue from fine-dining restaurants and add French Cart service to wedding reception dinner. Servers use a special cart (called a gueridon) to bring your food table side and finish the dish in front of your guests before plating the final product. 

Think table-side Caesar salad where the Chef combines and finishes the dish before serving your guests. Or a bananas flambe or cherries jubilee cart prepared in front of your guests and served based on their choice of dessert. 

French Cart options can be more complex as well, with each course being prepared in this style. The result, though refined, does add additional time to the evening. For weddings, we recommend a start or a finish to impress your guests but keep your timetable intact. 


There are many options to elevate the dining experience for your guests. Keep an open mind and be inspired by suggestions from your caterer and their chef. You’ll be able to make the dinner as memorable as your entire wedding reception.