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Dakota’s Wedding Journey Part Three – It’s a lot to plan a wedding

How is everyone’s wedding planning going? I know mine went amazing but it was a lot to handle. If you were following my blogs you would have saw that I had to stop after the second one because I had no extra time on my schedule. If you are planning your wedding make sure you have the time for the date you choose because it truly is a lot.

My number one tip for planning a wedding is to get a mini calendar. This way you can see how much time you have until your wedding day arrives and have everything organized. When I started my calendar I made sure I had a notes section attached so I could write down vendors I choose and all of their contact information. I wrote down how many months away on each 21st spot and I made sure to put all of my meetings and dates where I should have things done by. For example having my invitations ready for send out, the send out date, and the date I set to have RSVPs back from my guests.
Having a calendar and everything mapped out was truly a lifesaver.

I am so lucky that I work in this industry and that my parents were there to help me with every twist and turn. Especially because I was working full time, was taking college classes, and my Husband lives out of state. But I am now back on track and will share all of my vendors with you along with any tips and struggles I had along the way. As superficial as it sounds, one of the most important details to my wedding was the look of it. I wanted everything to be colorful and filled with life but still have a cohesive theme.

My Perfect Dress

My wedding dress is quite literally something from my dreams. I wanted something very unique but to still feel like a wedding dress with that classic look and feel to it. Teresa the owner of Brides by Elizabeth is genuinely one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She helped make one of the biggest parts of my wedding come to life. When I went dress shopping I knew I wanted to make a purple dress with white lace happen. I wanted purple because that is just my color, I am a purple obsessed girly. I also already knew that purple wouldn’t be the color of my wedding decor and bridesmaids dresses because I wanted colors for both me and my husband, not just me. I wanted the white lace because it’s still my wedding day and I am the bride after all. Teresa did an amazing job and helped me pick out the right dress to have both of those aspects without making it look tacky or unlike a wedding dress.

After we found the original dress Teresa walked me through all the changes we were doing to make it exactly how I dreamed it would be. She pinned purple fabric under the lace so I could see how the colors looked together (it was gorgeous). We added some detachable draped sleeves so I could have that Princess look but also take them off during the reception. She added a back panel of fabric where there wasn’t any before so the purple would come through there too, and just made me feel so special on the day of trying on dresses.

I could do no justice trying to describe the details on my dress but it is so stunning that I think I need to try. After all of the changes, add-on’s, and alterations my dress fit me like a glove. The lace details were just the perfect fit for me and my wedding theme. The white lace on top of the purple fabric looks like vines flowing through the top and bottom of the dress. I feel like the cohesiveness in each vine and the way that they connect with each other is what makes my dress still look like a true wedding dress with a traditional aspect, which I absolutely love with my whole heart. On those vines are 3D flowers that give another unique detail that elevates that whole look. Another aspect I absolutely love is the train of the dress. I love how the purple fabric continues on with the lace instead of stopping at the floor like some of the other dresses I tried on did. The way the train lays was my favorite out of all the dresses I tried on and continues to make me smile every time I see the Photos. Along with the dress Brides by Elizabeth gave me an exquisite head piece that matches the 3D flower and pearl details, and some earrings that complete the look and match perfectly with the pearl necklace of my moms.

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