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Fast Five Austin with Mermaid Strands

Texas Weddings’ Fast Five asks local wedding professionals the same five questions to help you get to know some of the people behind the companies. Today’s Fast Five comes from Christa Holt, owner of Mermaid Strands LLC.


What services do you provide?
I provide every hair care service you can imagine. I’ve been told multiple times that I’ve delivered a service that the person receiving it didn’t even know they needed. I have connections with people all over the Austin area, so if I can’t provide the beauty service to your fit your need I will know someone who can.

What inspired you to start this company?
I truly love to serve people and make people feel beautiful inside and out. I’ve been serving the Austin area for 20 plus years, always in customer services. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 6 years now. I had a change in my life where God directed me to fall in love with the meaning of marriage, and the wedding ceremonies. With that being said I stepped away from a salon that I gave my all to, to focus on making brides feel beautiful and special on the very first day of their new forever.

What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?
I specialize in wigs, hairpieces and love! I can make almost any bride’s beauty needs come to life (well within reason. I’d like to think I hold a magic wand, but in all reality, I’m no fairy godmother.) I just choose to care about all the people who cross my path so very deeply. I still do things wrong sometimes, but all and all I love what I do to my core.

What is your favorite part of your workweek and why?

My favorite part of my work week is getting to enhance the beauty of each and every one of my guests. To have them in the end see their finished product and just be so in awe with themselves is very rewarding.

What is one favorite client story and why?
My favorite reoccurring client story is when a beautiful soul sits down in my chair dull and out of energy. Then I enhance their beauty and remind them of their worth and beauty. I teach them how to love themselves through their hair and that really anything is possible. This has happened more times than my fingers and toes can count. I love what I do.

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