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Fast Five: Village Venue

Finding the right wedding venue is a combination of the right location, the right amenities…and also the right person! You want the event contact you work with to be trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable.

Event Manager at Village Venue, Travis Frasier, fits the bill. We recently spoke with Travis about planning advice, wedding traditions and a whole lot more! Read on to hear about Travis and his role at Village Venue.

What was your favorite vacation ever?

My favorite trip that I ever took was when I went to Key West. I love spending time near the water and walking along the beach. I loved everything about Key West. My favorite things that I did on this trip was visiting Duvall Street and going on a Jet Ski tour of the Island. This trip inspired me to get my first tattoo of a palm tree on my forearm and really solidified my love for the beach lifestyle.

What is your favorite wedding tradition and why?

I think my favorite wedding tradition would have to be either the send off at the end or the first dances between the married couple. I love watching the newly married couple have their first dance and see how happy they are. It always puts the biggest smile on my face. Also as an event manager and a person who loves doing weddings, I love watching the couple being sent off because that lets me know I did a good job and that we are starting this couple off in the right way.

What is your best planning advice or tip for couples?

One of the best tips I could give to a couple that are looking to book their wedding is to first start early. Don’t wait until 6-8 months out. It makes things tough and sometimes your date wont be available. One of the other tips I would give is that you want to try and find a company that can provide you the most services in one stop. If you do this then you will avoid paying 15 different services fees. These are some easy tips that can save a couple thousands of dollars.

Are you married? Do you have children? Tell us about your family.

My name is Travis Fraser and I am from Ohio but I grew up and graduated in the Schertz, Tx area. I am engaged however to my girlfriends of 3 years Ashleigh. We are looking to get married next year in 2023!

I grew up in an all Army household with both of my parents being in the Army. I am a huge fan of Ohio sports teams like the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Ohio State Buckeyes and more. Even though I am from Ohio, I am a Texan at heart.

Village Venue

What services do you provide?

Here at the Village Venue we offer services for all types of events from corporate events to Weddings to Special Occasion events such as birthdays, proms, dances, quinces and much more!

Visit the Village Venue website to learn more.