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Fast Five with DTS Weddings

We were recently able to sit down with DTS Weddings and learn a little more about their photography and videography company and what makes them special. Read on to learn about their unique company!

What inspired you to start this company?

Whenever I started noticing how much a single photograph would mean to a person, I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue as a career. The first time I saw someone cry at the beauty of an image of her dancing with her father, that was the turning point for me. I decided to start a company who could make things easier for the couple on their wedding day, but also bring them tears of joy whenever they look back on all of the photos and videos that we create for them.

What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?

Our company is different from other media companies for many reasons…

1. We are an all inclusive company. Your wedding photos come with a fast turn around time, NO watermarks and you get the print release FOREVER! You do not have to buy any images from us, you can get your pictures printed anywhere, anytime and as big as you would like. Same goes for the wedding videos that we create. You can make as many copies of the final edited video as you would like!

2. We also provide all of your digital needs for the day of your wedding. You’ll have one vendor that provides professional photography, memorable videography and easy to use photo booths. Why would you want to talk with 3 different vendors whenever you can just call one person and have all of your questions answered right then and there?

3. We ALWAYS bring a second shooter. Whenever you hire DTS Weddings, included in your price already is a second shooter. We like to make things easier for our couples, not harder. So if you book a photography package minimum of 2 photographers, if you book a videography package it is a minimum of 2 videographers. If you were to book a photo/video package it is a minimum of 4 people.

What is your favorite part of your work week and why?

My favorite part of the work week is in the mornings. I love being able to start planning out my day and accomplishing all of my goals. Nothing gets done well without a proper game plan and being fast and efficient is one our biggest compliments that we receive from people we work with.

What is one favorite client stories?

Oh this is a hard choice, it seems as though every wedding that we shoot has a unique story all of its own. I would say the story that takes the cake would have to be whenever I was able to deliver a brides wedding video in person. I got to watch her relive her wedding day over again for the first time and I will just say by the end of it we were both in tears. Being able to watch her eyes light up, joy come to her face and to see how she was clinging on to every single word throughout the video. My heart was so full in that moment!

Check out the DTS Weddings website.