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Fiesta-Inspired Wedding Receptions

Chicken on a stick, medals, margaritas have finally all made their return to San Antonio for Fiesta! We couldn’t be more thrilled to join in on the festivities and see all the smiling faces.

Of course – all this Fiesta goodness has us thinking about Fiesta-themed weddings! Nothing says Pure San Antonio more than bringing Fiesta elements into your wedding. Whether you’re thinking of going all-out or looking for light touches, we’ve gathered up inspiration, insights and advice for your Fiesta-themed wedding reception.

The Timing

There are many considerations when thinking about setting your wedding date. If you’re hosting a themed wedding reception, the inspiration is just one more factor to decide.

In reality, Fiesta is a fun theme all year long. Whether brightening up the dreary days of winter, or bringing colorful energy to the spring, there is no wrong time to host your Fiesta wedding.

Still, there are things to consider. As we have found out this June, summertime is hot for Fiesta. If you’re envisioning an outdoor affair with papel picado and colorful ribbons strewn about, keep in mind you and your guests may be too warm for an outdoor event. However, there are plenty of perfect venues that would be ideal for an indoor event, so don’t count a summer wedding event out if indoors works for you.

Traditionally, Fiesta is hosted in April and springtime is ideal for a Fiesta-themed wedding reception. The weather may be warm, but not sweltering, and there will be plenty of decorations to be had. Be mindful though, if you book during the week of Fiesta itself, you may have limited venue options due to all the events happening in San Antonio that week.

Fiesta Finery

Choosing wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, menswear and ladies suits for your wedding is often an enjoyable experience. With a Fiesta-themed wedding, your options are even more fun.

When it comes to the wedding party’s styling, your choices range from the simple to the elaborate in how much you incorporate Fiesta styling into your wardrobe.

If you’re buying your wedding wardrobe through a standard wedding dress or tuxedo shop, they may likely be limited on very bright colors. However, if you’re wanting just pops of color, these shops can add details such as belts, sashes, hair pieces, bow ties and pocket hankies to finish out your look.

Floral detailing will also play a role in bringing to life your color scheme. A brightly colored bouquet may be all you need against your white wedding dress, as a suit may only need a festive boutonniere.

Keep your bridesmaids on theme but in a subtle way, consider a range of brightly-colored dresses, each suited to their skin tone and body type.

To really bring your theme front and center, you may want to look at different types of shops for your wedding finery. There are plenty of locations in San Antonio where you can get Guayabera shirts for the men, embroidered dresses, and Fiesta crowns.

Just a Touch of Fiesta

Looking for Fiesta understated? Don’t worry, it’s possible.

If you’re looking for beautiful, bright colors and a bit of Fiesta vibe without seeming too “themey,” opt for an all-white backdrop and low-key surroundings.

Colorful flowers and bits of Fiesta details will pop against an all-white linen scheme. A brightly colored wedding charger will stand out even if your china and silver are simple.

The right venue is key here. Look for a location whose event space is simple and clean. Your touches of brightly-colored decor pieces will go a long way in this type of event space.

Go Fiesta or Go Home

Though subtle touches may work for some couples, bold and adventurous may be more your style.

Going all-out ultimately takes more planning. Even though your color scheme may be varied, you’ll want to work with your wedding planner to ensure cohesiveness. This is the perfect time to mix large-scale floral with sweeping ribbons, dangling lanterns and papel picados to give your party life. Take a twist on the bar by hanging Pinatas stuffed with airplane liquor bottles.

Entertainment takes your wedding reception to the next level. Enliven your wedding theme and get your guests in the mood by greeting them with mariachi’s. Add a spanish guitarist during dinner for some easy background tunes. Surprise and delight your guests with folklorico dancers as dinner closes.

Wedding Cake, But Make It Fiesta

Your wedding cake is a beautiful reflection of the overall theme for your wedding. Even with a lively theme such as Fiesta, your cake can be grand and multi-tiered or simple with a few festive layers.

Embroidered wedding cakes are definitely trending, and the look is well-suited for a Fiesta wedding. The intricate embroidered details give a nod to the dress and shirt styles surrounding Fiesta. With a white backdrop, brightly colored details catch the eye. Alternatively, your wedding cake can be done in more muted tones and still fit the theme well.

Add to the sweetness by rolling out a Mexican candy bar. You’ll guests will have fun sorting through the unique candies, and the display makes for beautiful and memorable photos,

Whether your Fiesta themed wedding is elaborate, or done with simple details, you can be sure your wedding will reflect San Antonio and truly delight your guests.


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