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Thistlewood Manor & Gardens: A Lady’s Touch

When Thistlewood Manor & Gardens transferred ownership to Ginny Tipton, she wasted no time in implementing changes. But no decision was rash; every change reflected Ginny’s faith and love.

The Story Behind Thistlewood Manor & Gardens

From Catering to Venues

For years Ginny worked in the catering world, knowing every inch of a commercial kitchen. But although she had a passion for preparing and creating delicious cuisine, she knew in her heart that she would one day own a venue. So, when her parents met a couple at their church wanting to sell Thistlewood Manor & Gardens, they knew who to call.

A tour was promptly scheduled. Familiarity brought her through the kitchen first, then she entered into the ballroom. The first walk into the ballroom, she recalls, took her breath away. Couples who have toured this exquisite venue have shared the same sentiments. But as gorgeous as the ballroom is, another area stole Ginny’s heart.

The Secret Garden

“This is my happy place,” Ginny told me, when I interviewed her for this blog. She opened the intricate black iron gates leading to the gardens, and I instantly understood why. Even though the gardens are a known part of the property, there is an air of nostalgic secrecy. The sort of secrecy you dreamed of when you were a child; retreating to a safe place to read a book, playing with friends, and hiding from parents call to return home.

But seeing the garden through adult eyes, I see another purpose for it: a place to share with a loved one.

Love for Everyone

Love is exactly what Ginny and her right-hand, Mary Jo, want people to feel when visiting the venue.

“We accept everyone.” Ginny tells me, “If people want to get married, we will make it happen! That’s why I accept the LGBTQIA+ community here.”

Mary Jo, who previously worked with Ginny’s mother, agrees. With every tour she conducts, I see as she takes a step away from the couple to allow them a moment to tour the grounds themselves. It is clear that both Ginny and Mary Jo believe that the couple has to feel for themselves if the venue is for them – and this theory has not yet failed them.

“This year has been so busy with tours!” Ginny exclaims, as she readied herself for an Open House. “I’m so thankful.”

Faith and Family FirstĀ 

Without a doubt, Ginny states that faith and family come first in her life. Because of this, she is able to make her brides and grooms feel as though they too are family. She’s reminded of how important it is to display love with every visit to her grandchildren.

“They just love you so much,” she says. “Being a grandmother is a role I take seriously.”

With a life filled with faith, family, friends, and love, it’s clear to see and understand how Ginny and Mary Jo became owners of a gorgeous wedding venue. When you love what you do, the work comes easy.

Don’t miss a chance to become a part of their loving family by scheduling a tour today.