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Wedding Videographer: How to Choose a Videographer & What Questions to Ask

A wedding video should never be considered a substitute for still photographs. However, by virtue of its sound and movement, a wedding video can preserve a distinct and important part of your wedding.

Imagine being able to see and hear your vows being said, reliving again the emotions of the moment. A video of your wedding and the following festivities will capture the “real life” that otherwise goes unobserved, and is a great addition to traditional wedding photographs.

Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Do I need a wedding videographer?

Though your wedding photographs will capture special moments in your wedding day, your wedding video will tell the story behind those photographs.

Many basic wedding videographer packages include a short 5  – 10 minute video that encapsulates your wedding day. This video may show moments you missed, such as the getting ready footage from your spouse. In addition, your video may capture reactions to your wedding vows from loved ones you couldn’t see or fun footage during your cocktail hour and reception.

Often, shorter clips are also made available that you can post to social media. Alternately, you may also want a complete video of your full ceremony.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Examine your budget and decide which wedding vendors are most important to you.

Finding a wedding videographer

Limelight Photography

To find a videographer, begin by looking at their work. It’s easy to find snippets on a videographer’s social media account to begin the process. Additionally, some videographers post their final wedding video productions on their website.

Limelight San Antonio Photography & Video showcases numerous wedding films for couples to review on their website. These wedding films are about 10 minutes in length and showcase the Limelight style and abilities. Servicing San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas, Limelight is well-known for their quality productions and great experience. Check out their website to see their completed work.

You’ll want to find a videographer that exhibits your preferred style. Observe how the camera covered the ceremony and reception. Coverage should flow with the proceedings, interacting with guests, not intruding. The technique should be smooth, not jerky — the scenes should not look contrived. Poor scenes should have been edited out.

Once you start narrowing down your choices, talk to potential wedding videographers about their style and process. Ask what happens if a personal emergency arises for the videographer you’ve contracted. Most professionals network with others of comparable experience, so they will be able to assure you that their contract will be fulfilled. We have a list of additional questions to ask during your decision process listed below.

Start looking at least six to 12 months before your wedding, and reserve a firm date as soon as possible.

Booking Your Wedding Videographer

Double Knot

In addition to being a match in style and taste, you want to find a videographer that is great to work with. That means detailed and responsive during the planning phases, and engaging and fun during your wedding day.

Double Knot Pictures is a great example of a wedding videography company that prides itself on a great planning experience. In addition to video expertise, they pride themselves on walking each couple through the process for a seamless experience. Check out their website for a complete planning timeline.

Your wedding videographer is one of the wedding vendors you’ll be the most intimate with. They’ll need to understand you, your love story and spend close time with you during your wedding day. Choosing a videographer like Odd Brew Photography & Video means you’ll work directly with a husband and wife team that knows weddings, and how to capture a love story. Their many reviews always showcase how great the couple is to work with, from planning to final execution.

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Fees will generally depend on the number of cameras, editing time, and special production needs. Although most professionals do total packages, some videographers charge per camera, per hour. Prices for a wedding videography package could range between $2,200 – $4,500.

It’s helpful to work with a videographer that is upfront about both the pricing and the process. Ever After Studios is one such company. Specializing in cinematic photography, Ever After Studios is known for their ability to create a love story through film. From your very first conversation, the team will walk you through the pricing and package options. They’ll help you understand with is involved with each option level to make the right decision for you.

Ever After Studios

Decide what you want captured. You may want to design your own package to include the rehearsal, the bachelor dinner, a bridal shower, or anything you want to be sure to remember in moving sight and sound for years to come. Remember, the more coverage you’re looking for, the more expensive the wedding package will be.

Your demo should include examples which help you understand the difference between one- and two-camera coverage. Be sure to ask if the video you are viewing taken by the videographer who would cover your wedding?

Be sure there is a contract outlining all responsibilities and costs. It should include specific coverage that you want on the video and when you will receive the finished video.

Questions to Ask Your Videographer

bride smiling on a bridge

Odd Brew

Once you begin interviewing potential videographers, you’ll want to be prepared with the right questions. Start with our comprehensive list and add your own to your specific needs.

  • How does your pricing work? What are your additional fees we may encounter?
  • How many camera people and cameras will be filming the day of?
  • What music will you be using in our wedding video?
  • How long after the wedding will it take you to edit our video?
  • What is your style of filming; documentary, cinematic, vintage, etc.?
  • How will your coordinate the filming of my wedding with the photographer and/or other vendors?
  • What parts of the wedding day will you be capturing?
  • Do you use additional lights during the reception?
  • Can we make changes to the film once we’ve seen it for the first time?
  • Who owns the copyright of the final wedding video?
  • Do you have backup equipment in case of gear failure?
  • Will the final product have your company logo on it?
  • What is your process for backing up the footage immediately after the wedding?
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?