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What’s Your Classic Cocktail Wedding Style?

Craft cocktails made a splash on the wedding scene in recent years and are still loved by wedding-planning couples everywhere.

If you ask a reputable bartender – all you need for the perfect classic cocktail is just three perfect ingredients! You’ll need more than that to pull off the perfect wedding – but it doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by these beverage favorites. Read on to find your favorite cocktail and see what wedding style your cocktail choice says about you!


Year Developed: 1896, Jennings Fox

Wedding style: Fun and fresh
Ideal Venue: Beachside
Wedding Colors: Coral & Turquoise

The flirty and fun Daquiri is the ideal drink for couples whose favorite days are vacation days! If you gravitate towards this lime-infused taste of lazy summer days, your ideal wedding will be relaxed, creative and entertaining.

The Recipe:
2oz white rum
1oz lime juice
1 barspoon superfine sugar

The Method:
Add ingredients to your cocktail shaker
Stir well
Add ice into shaker
Strain into chilled glass

Old Fashioned
Year Developed: 1806 by the New York newspaper The Balance

Wedding Style: Cultured and sophisticated
Ideal Venue: Art Museum
Wedding Colors: Burgundy & Gold

The ultimate classic of the classic cocktails is surely the Old Fashioned. If you met at a cigar shop and your first purchase as a couple was leather bar chairs, this cocktail is for you. Your wedding style will be discriminating and timeless.

The Recipe:
2oz bourbon whiskey
1oz simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Orange peel garnish

The Method:
Add whiskey, syrup and bitters into a glass with ice and stir
Strain over fresh ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass
Twist the orange peel over the rim and add to the glass

Year Developed: 1901 by John O’Connor

Wedding style: Elegant and Chic
Ideal Venue: Historic Mansion
Wedding Colors: Silver & Blue

You can spot a martini lover in a crowd, always well dressed and understated. They are chic without being basic, and their wedding will be the same. Smart, stylish and completely unique.

The Recipe:
2oz vodka
.25oz dry vermouth
.25oz olive juice
Olives to garnish

The Method:
Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes
Stir well
Strain into a martini glass

Year Developed: 1922 by Henry Elhone

Wedding Style: Refined Rustic
Ideal Venue: Upgraded Hill Country Barn
Wedding Colors: Peach and Cream

If you’re a dessert first kind of couple, the Alexander is for you! A night outdoors by the bonfire snuggling up with your cocktails translates into a refined rustic wedding event.

The Recipe:
1oz cognac
1oz creme de cacao
1oz fresh cream

The Method:
Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice cubes
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass