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Wedding Inspiration from Bridgerton

Netflix finally released the trailer for Bridgerton Season 2 – and we’re here for it! As we eagerly await the new season (mark your calendars for March 25th), what better way to spend our time than re-watching Season One…and gushing over all the events.

No matter how large or small your wedding, there’s something for everyone to take away from the lush Bridgerton events. From flowers to fireworks – we have all your Bridgerton wedding inspiration here!

Episode One

The Season’s Opening Ball at Danbury House


The first glimpse we have of the many Bridgerton balls to come is the Opening Ball at Lady Danbury’s House. The event mimics what the seasons asks of its debutants – to be Titled, Chaste and Innocent.

Lady Danbury is elegant and classic, and every event at her home reflects that aesthetic. She reminds us that with the right wedding venue, you only need to focus on the inherent beauty of the space, with minimal additions and decor. The classic environment lets the fashion take center stage, and we love all the white, ivory and glittery details of the gowns and the reception.

The Vauxhall Celebration



Couples love outdoor weddings and Episode 1 of Bridgerton ends with the outdoor celebration at Vauxhall. And it’s gorgeous! As we stretch our imaginations to believe all we’ve witnessed in this short episode has taken place within a day, we get to take in rich event inspiration with this outdoor feast of the senses.

From the formality of Danbury House we head to the gardens of Vauxhall – where the most exciting exhibit of the night begins with a display of electricity…and ends with an even greater electric display between Daphne and the Duke. 

You have to thank the photographers for these perfect shots of Duke and Daphne close-ups followed by the beautiful image of the guests dancing on the fire-works lit dance floor. Take note – lighting is everything when it comes to beautiful events!

Episode 2

Danbury House Event

The highlight event of Episode Two is another Danbury Hall stunner – one in which the audience seemed well informed that the theme was deep burgundy and gold and so dressed in kind. You may not get your wedding guests to do the same, but if you’re looking for style and shimmer this Bridgerton event is for you.

This event capitalizes on a few wedding reception classics. A champagne tower, flowing white rose petals, and a burgundy and gold color scheme. And because it’s TV – even the guests match the event!

Episode Three

From opening dream to ending theme!


The first few moments of Episode 3 remind us of the Vauxhall Celebration outdoors – but with a twist. In Daphne’s dream, abundant flowers meld with the beautiful lighting. And the dance floor now only features her and the Duke. Pure wedding inspiration! We love the floral bomb alongside perfectly placed lighting to truly let the wedding couple stand out on the dance floor. The moment is bathed in white and soft blue, with lit white flowers becoming the ceiling.

Episode 3 ends with a real event – bathed in the same white and soft blue effects as the dream. You can’t help but squeal in delight as Daphne descends the white staircase with a blue wall in the background. This girl knows how to make an great staircase entrance. She is throwing shade to her doubters by looking stunning.

Equally stunning is the the section of the blue wall now adorned in a curtain of white flowers. Bridgerton is great for wedding floral inspiration and this episode shows that even simple flowers, dramatically displayed, can make an impression.

Episode 4

Lady Trowbridge’s Ball

Leave it to a widow to host an event so scandalous you almost shouldn’t attend.

Another home ball, but this time a Lady Trowbridge event! And that means – we’re pushing boundaries. This event boasts just as much glitz and glamor, but with edge. We first noticed a lot more black in this event – most remarkable being the black and white checkerboard flooring. Even the guests boasted alluring black lace gowns.

But what’s to love most about this event and what we found most inspiring was the entertainment! Contortionists and harpists alongside opera singers truly made this event memorable.

Episode 5

The Wedding


We’ll end with Episode 5 and an actual Bridgerton wedding to gush over.

Though the wedding ceremony is itself a solemn affair, due to the dramatic circumstances, it’s no less short on beauty and inspiration. We get more stunning white flowers, done up simply but eye-catching. But what we especially love is the surprising appearance of the black and white checkered floor at the front of the church. We’ve seen similar flooring a the Trowbridge Ball and other events.

The wedding reception takes place at the Bridgerton estate. Simplicity reigns supreme in this portion of the wedding as well, with loads of white flowers and linens. What we love most is the food displays at the wedding reception, most importantly the gigantic wedding cake that takes center stage!