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5 Questions in 5 Minutes: La Bonne Vie Ranch

Choosing a wedding venue is the first step for successful wedding planning. This week we spoke with Erika Henderson, Venue Coordinator with La Bonne Vie Ranch on what makes their amazing venue special, wedding traditions and favorite client stories.

What sets your company apart from similar ones in the same field?

La Bonne Vie is different then most Wedding Venues because we offer our couples a Wedding Week/Weekend. With on-site lodging available for up to 90 people it really gives them the opportunity to spend time with their families and friends. Being able to come in and take their time with setting up takes so much stress off of everyone! Besides being on the property everyone gets the opportunity to go into Fredericksburg and enjoy everything our town has to offer! Whether it be some shopping at local store, dining at amazing restaurants, or making your way to many of the wineries out on 290, there is truly something for everyone!

Why do you love this company and your job?

I love this company and job because we are family owned and operated! We work extremely hard to make each and every weekend amazing and stress-free for all of our couples!

What is your favorite wedding tradition and why?

Our favorite wedding tradition here at La Bonne Vie is every time we hear the bell ring at the Chapel! Besides your first kiss ringing the bell is just another symbol of sealing the deal!

Are you married? Do you have children? Tell us about your family.

Yes I am married, my husband and I will have been married for 10 years this July! We have 2 boys 6 & 3 with a little girl due in November! Our La Bonne Vie Family is very large 7 siblings! Our Parents Randy and Carroll Jones started La Bonne Vie Ranch and Slate Theory Winery which we all do our part in operating the businesses!

What is one favorite client story and why?

Favorite client story would not be one specific client, but some weddings we get the opportunity to drive the Bride and her father down to the Chapel, which is always a special time for them to just reflect on the moment to come. They are usually sweet and then we have the occasional jokester that says this is our moment to get out of here!

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