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BIG Wedding Entertainment

With too much time on wedding message boards chatting about cancellations, reschedules and intimate wedding ceremonies, couples planning their 2022 and 2023 weddings are ready to go big. Wedding trends all point to a mega-glam movement with plenty of pomp and a lot of circumstance.

Going big for your wedding could mean wedding gowns with obscenely long trains, dramatic colors or over-the-top decor. But if we had our way, it would definitely include embracing wedding entertainment acts that are sure to be memorable and exciting.

For most couples, planning their wedding begins with picking a wedding date then deciding on a theme and style for their wedding. Garden-style party, sophisticated soiree, ranch chic or mod cocktail party themes will all determine location, decor and the overall feel of their wedding. Couples’ dream boards often begin with visuals such as decor, tablescapes and wedding fashion.

Once the look is established, your wedding planner will guide you through the event flow from the ceremony to the final well-wishes. Each element of the event is meant to create meaning, direction or excitement for you and your guests. With all the details to include, couples usually think of wedding entertainment meaning strings for the ceremony, a photo booth and a killer DJ to bring in the party element.

As important as those elements are – your entertainment options don’t stop there!

The right wedding entertainment will wow the crowd and make your wedding truly memorable. Think dynamic acoustic duos, aerial artistry and roving entertainers to make your wedding reception unforgettable.

With corporate award events and non profit galas still few and far between, many entertainers and entertainment companies are reworking their acts to work perfectly for wedding receptions. There are many moments throughout your ceremony and reception where entertainment acts can be strategically placed to keep your guests engaged and excited for what’s to come.

Wedding Ceremony Entertainment

Many couples envision a classic guitarist, harpist or string quartet for their ceremony. These live musicians are a classic way to set the tone for your wedding ceremony.

Some couples may consider talking to their DJ about playing music for their ceremony instead of hiring a live musician. Many DJ’s will offer this additional service. But be aware that does not mean you’ll necessarily save on your budget by using the same wedding professional. Your DJ will not only have to be at your wedding for additional hours, they’ll often need to bring an additional set up for your ceremony. If they use some of the same equipment, there will still need to be additional labor to set up, tear down, and then finish setting up the reception space. This is far from ideal as you’ll want to ensure your reception space is ready to go well in advance.

In addition to live musicians, we also love additional entertainment elements to make your wedding ceremony unique. This is a great moment to add characters to greet your guests that match the theme. This could mean Gatsby-style clad greeters, Mad-hatter characters or living statues.

If you are sticking to live musicians for your wedding ceremony, consider kicking the wow factor up a notch by adding an unusual twist to the music while guests are being seated. This might mean an electric guitarist to go along with your violinist or steel drums edge with your harpist.

Cocktail Hour Wedding Entertainment

When it comes to your wedding cocktail hour entertainment, you can happily throw all the rules out the window.

The wedding cocktail hour represents that strategic transition from the ceremony to the dinner hour. The cocktail hour is designed to give couples, the wedding party and family members time for the official wedding day photography to take place.

While photos are being taken, guests mingle with cocktails and typically some nosh. The key here is to keep your guests from simply staring into their champagne flutes shuffling back and forth on their feet.

Entertainment that roams the crowd is a great option here. Magicians are entertaining and can help people laugh and relax. Singing waiters are also a fun trend that works well for the cocktail hour as well for the seated dinner if your wedding is less formal. You can even have your cocktails be interactive with champagne skirts or pouring bicycles.

Additional entertainment might also be belly dancers, gymnasts or fire dancers. You can also opt for interactive entertainment. That might include bourbon tasting, tarot-card reading, or caricature artists. Check out our post on lawn games if you’re looking for games-style entertainment for your wedding.

Post-Dinner Wedding Entertainment

This is the time to kick up the energy!

The right DJ can make all the difference when it comes to the post-dinner entertainment for your wedding. Using a DJ means your favorite songs and your guests requests can all be accommodated. For couples who love to keep the dance floor lit with the greatest hits, a good wedding DJ is essential.

But don’t breeze right past the option to use a live band as well. Having a great band kick off the evening is entertaining for both the dancing crowd and those more inclined to observation. Many live bands can work with you to incorporate dancers as well. Dance instructors can show your out of town crowd how to line dance or swing dancers can inspire the crowd to get moving.

If you’re wanting to add entertainment elements beyond music, get with your DJ on options. Lit-up robot walkers, silent disco, photo booths, confetti cannons and the like are often options available to book through your DJ.

End the night right with a big finish. We’re huge fans of ending your wedding with a fireworks show – the ultimate party climax.