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Creating a Fun Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a great way to keep all the special moments captured by your family and friends on your big day. You could even begin using your hashtag during your engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner. This would not only allow you to have every cherished moment all in one place, but could also help your guests remember your hashtag after using it a couple of times.

Hashtags are everywhere and not as difficult to create as you may think. Here are a few tips to help you along the way of creating your wedding hashtag:

  1. Be sure what you use is distinguished by capitalizing the first word of each letter for example: #SmithsInLove instead of #smithsinlove especially when you have a hashtag that could possibly be read as something else like #youhadmeathellosmith (could read as you had meat hello smith), but was suppose to be #YouHadMeAtHelloSmith (you had me at hello smith)
  2. Try to keep it short, sweet, and simple because the shorter the easier to type out and remember
  3. You could include your wedding date and this could get as creative as you’d like for example: #SayingIDoMaySixth, #ForeverSmith2018 #Smithember #MrAndMrsSmithComingThisSummer, etc.
  4. You could also try combining your names and making a fun “celebrity couple” type name for example: “#Brangelina” (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and “#Bennifer” (Ben Afflek and Jennifer Lopez)
  5. Simply use just both of your initials for example: #BnM, #BLovesM #BandM4ever
  6. Try the name-drop for example: #GoodbyeSmith, #SmithNoMore, #AdiosSmith, etc.
  7. Incorporate humor or cleverness for example: #MarysCupOfJoe, If your last name happens to be Seal you could be clever and use #SealedTheDeal, #SayYesToTheKress, #ThisIsHowellDoIt, #ThisIsOurWedding Hashtag, etc.
  8. Utilize your theme for example: #LoveTakesFlight, #BeautyAndTheBerzin, #FloresFiesta, etc.
  9. Use your location for example: #SmithsInSpain, #SmithsByTheOcean, #SmithsHitchedInHampton, etc.
  10. Consider quotes, sayings, and replace or add in words like: #SmithsInLove, #LiveLaughLoveSmiths, #OnCloudSmith, #AlwaysAndForeverSmith, #SmithsUntilDeathDoUsPart #HappySmithHappyLife #SmithsAndLoveIsInTheAir #MrAndMrsSmith #YouWereAlwaysTheOneSmith  #OnceUponASmith, etc.


Once you have said yes to your hashtag, all you have left to do is be sure to check it’s not yet taken and then spread the word. A fun way to let people know your hashtag is to have it printed on signs, napkins, wedding favors, fans, bottled waters, and anything else unique that you can think of. Good Luck on creating your fun hashtag!