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Ever After Studio Makes Your Wedding Day A Happily Ever After Movie

You want your Wedding Day to be beautiful and perfect. And, one of lasting memories. You want to be in the moment Trying to be in the moment to enjoy it all. Still, you might miss some of the magic. A lasting memento of the wedding couple and the people who love them will remain long after the cake is eaten, the flowers fade, and the last guest says goodbye.

Thankfully, the expert team at Ever After Studio preserves all your special moments of the day in an stunning cinematographic video forever.

This isn’t just a recording of the day. A cinematographer joins with you to create an unforgettable film. Being the stars of your own love story couldn’t be easier. Read on to see how the team at Ever After Studio can create a movie-worthy video of your big day.

Ever After Studios

Videography vs. Cinematography

The value and art of capturing your Wedding Day from a cinematic point of view cannot be overestimated. Your entire love journey and style are unique. Often, the modern wedding includes videography. However, the experienced team at Ever After Studio elevates the experience. Cinematographers use high quality equipment. This means gorgeous footage, clear audibles, and special features. They are highly trained experts. Each film is a custom edit your film with cinematic shots, cool voice overs. And even sound effects and extra music!

A cinematographer finds the right expression in images, unique footage, and editing techniques. Then, they capture your style and preserve all the special moments of your big day. Nothing important to you will be left out, left to chance, or forgotten. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a breathtaking movie of your love story is like reliving the joy again and again. If wanting a cinematic treasure is what you are looking for, Ever After Studio is the right choice for you.

The Team at Ever After Studio

Popular in the San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas areas, the team members at Ever After Studio are trained professionals. In addition, they have decades of specialized experience. This ensures the wedding couple receives a quality product they cherish for years to come. Even more, they offer a variety of packages to accommodate the wedding couple’s needs. The team works hard to create something personal and meaningful to you. And, they are passionate about telling love stories one couple at a time,

The Process in Producing Your Wedding Movie

The process starts with a consultation to determine your beautiful and unique love journey, as well as your personal style and the tone of your wedding day. The cinematographers work well with wedding planners and photographers too. They don’t interfere in the celebration but are there to capture all the joy.

Starting two hours before the ceremony, they start shooting in the bridal lounge with the bride and bridesmaids preparing for the ceremony. They are there with the groom, and with any members of the wedding party or any pre-ceremony moments you want to see. They remain gracious, unobtrusive, and classy as they film during the ceremony.

In addition, Ever After Studio is there at the reception to catch all the speeches, toasts, dances, interviews, and moments that make the party special. From the introduction of the wedding couple at the start of the reception to the grand exit by the wedding couple, all will be included.

Ever After Studios

Along with all the beautiful footage with high quality audio visual equipment of the big moments, even the small nuances of your love story will be captured. 

Next comes the magic of their expert editing team to add music, voice overs, sound effects, and captions to create a beautiful and timeless film bringing out the best of each moment. Carefully curated to reflect the style of the wedding and personal vision of the wedding couple, the finished film is a digital masterpiece.

Make A Lasting Remembrance

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life. Your love journey is beautiful and unique. Laugh, cry, and rejoice as you relive your wedding moments all over again with the star quality video provided by the cinematographers at Ever After Studio.