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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Texas: What to Know & How To Make it Work

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony in Texas, you have lots of wedding venues to choose from. From garden weddings to nearby locations, an outdoor wedding ceremonies in Texas can be beautiful and picturesque.

But with potential soaring temperatures, you also want to make sure your guests are comfortable. You want them to enjoy the ceremony and focus on the special moment – not the heat!

Luckily, we have all the info you need to plan a successful outdoor wedding ceremony from planning tips to what to know when planning an outdoor ceremony.

Here are 5 Outdoor Wedding Ceremony tips from the experts at Texas Weddings.

outdoor wedding ceremony in Austin at the Avery Golf Club

Avery Ranch Golf Club

Let Your Guests Know

If your wedding ceremony is going to be outdoors, let your guests know in advance.

Be sure to include this detail on your wedding invitations. Work with your invitation specialist or wedding planner to word this elegantly, but with the right information. For example, mention having a “garden ceremony” or “cocktails on the lawn.”

Your guests will appreciate knowing if they should dress for warm weather or bring a light wrap.

Even if your ceremony is going to be short, your guests will want to be aware.

Consider Tent Rentals & More

The easiest way to make your guests comfortable for an outdoor ceremony is to plan for the appropriate event rentals.

For starters, consider renting a tent. This is especially important if your wedding venue does not have an indoor weather backup. Even if you end up not needing it, renting a tent will give you peace of mind.

For an outdoor wedding ceremony in Austin, there are several other event rentals you may want to consider.

To add shade, consider renting umbrellas that can be placed throughout the seated ceremony area.

outdoor wedding ceremony in Austin at County Line BBQ

County Line BBQ

Keep Out Unwanted Guests

We’re talking about the worst wedding crashers for outdoor wedding ceremonies – bugs!

With an outdoor wedding ceremony in Texas, you can’t expect a completely bug-free event space. If that’s an issue, an outdoor wedding ceremony may not be for you.

Still, there are several steps you can take to minimize bugs.

To start, check with your wedding venue on their current pest control schedule. If you’re concerned about bugs, ask about costs for an additional area treatment prior to your wedding ceremony.

In addition, be sure to let your florist know that you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony prior to planning in detail. Certain blooms will attract more little critters than others, so avoid flowers such as baby’s breath and add flowers such as lavender.

outdoor wedding ceremony in Austin at the Taylor Mansion

The Taylor Mansion

Add Touches of Comfort

In addition to larger event rental to keep your guests comfortable in an outdoor wedding ceremony, there are small touches that can make a big difference as well.

A refresh station will make your guests much more comfortable for a summer outdoor wedding ceremony. Add cool hand towels, mini bottles of sunblock, scented misting bottles, sunglasses and small fans.

Alternatively, for a winter wedding you may want to have inexpensive gloves, hand warmers, and blankets.

Whether you are anticipating rain or excess sun, umbrellas look surprisingly festive for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Clear or white umbrellas look chic and blend well with any surroundings. Also, umbrellas in a rainbow of colors can pop in your wedding photos.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Texas: Find the Right Venue

Ultimately, finding the right wedding is essential. Check out our list of San Antonio Wedding Venues and Austin Wedding Venues to get started.

Locations that have ample trees with natural shade are ideal. Work with your wedding planner or venue to chart out not only the ideal layout, but also the right path for the processional and recessional.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be beautiful and memorable. With the right planning, your guests will enjoy the ceremony as much as you!