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Texas Weddings with Texas BBQ

Add Texas charm to your wedding day with a local staple on the plate.  There is nowhere that does better barbecue than Texas, and your guests will love having the down-home favorite instead of bland rubber chicken.  Barbecue is becoming a more popular meal choice for weddings as couples eschew formal and expensive sit-down dinners for something friendly, more affordable – and more delicious!

Benefits of TX BBQ for Your Wedding

When you think of barbecue, what words come to mind? Barbecue is friendly, warm, casual, and, of course, delicious!  Serving barbecue at your wedding is going to help bring everyone together, build a fun environment, and have everyone talking about your wedding for months to come. The Big Bib BBQ is one of the most popular barbecue joints in San Antonio for good reason.  Every dish is delicious, and they offer a casual and affordable catering option where you pick meats and side options.  They’ll even provide servers who can man the buffet lines and make sure your guests stay hydrated by serving drinks as well.

Texas barbecue for weddings is often served buffet style, which can reduce the number of required staff and keep costs down.  However, Go’Shen Point BBQ can also serve out of their food truck, adding a bit of entertainment to the day.  Guests will appreciate the flexibility to when they eat, and you’ll love working with the staff, who work closely with couples to ensure the day goes off without a hitch.

chefs stirring up BBQ sauce

The County Line BBQ

Elevating The Food

People often think of barbecue as the epitome of casual dining, but it’s surprisingly versatile.  Ribs dripping in sauce served on paper plates and eaten with your hands may be best-suited for an ultra-casual, outdoors event.  However, brisket served on china can fit right in at an elegant and sophisticated wedding.  Heavenly Gourmet’s wedding barbecue options are the perfect balance of down-home flavor and upscale dining.  Pork in a berry sauce, served with fresh vegetables and bowtie pasta will impress anyone!  You can also exchange sides for more upscale options.  Instead of mashed potatoes, for instance, Heavenly Gourmet offers scalloped potatoes made with Gruyere cheese – a very similar dish but more elegant.

Another easy way to elevate barbecue is what you pair it with. Craft beers, rich red wines, and even artisan cocktails can do wonders for making the meal feel more fancy – and a good whisky cocktail will enhance the flavors.  Talk to your potential Texas bbq caterers about potential pairings they recommend for more ideas.

Other Options

If your wedding is a bit too formal to justify ribs and people licking their fingers, consider serving barbecue at one of the other events leading up to the big day.  Texas bbq rehearsal dinners and engagement parties are about the family and friends of the happy couple meeting each other. Nothing is friendlier and more likely to bring people together than barbecue served buffet-style!  You’ll also get to introduce out-of-town guests to the local, flavorful cuisine.  The County Line is a great space to host the dinner.  They elevated the typical barbecue joint aesthetic with tablecloths, and their bar offers an assortment of curated craft cocktails.  Their food, however, is a perfect, classic representation of Texas. Their menu features all of the standards, along with favorite sides. Every single guest will be able to find something delicious.

True Texas BBQ

Another option is to have a barbecue food station at your event.  True Texas BBQ offers a few options, including a BBQ mac & cheese bar and a brisket nacho bar.  Guests can select their toppings and load up their plate just the way they like.  The end result is fun and very special, making your wedding stand out.

As you plan your perfect Texan wedding, consider incorporating barbecue into your plans.  As a people-pleasing meal, there is nothing better. You’ll also have your choice of Texas bbq wedding caterers with spectacular recipes here in the heart of the state.  Don’t send your guests home hungry after a meal of bland and overcooked steak!