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Trend Spotted! Embroidered Wedding Cakes

We haven’t seen a wedding trend cake this popular or stylish since the naked wedding cake craze of 2016 and the cupcake rage of 2009.

Embroidered wedding cakes are being spotted at weddings large and small for the last year and we’re in love. These vibrant and festive wedding cakes are bringing an extra punch of style to weddings in South Texas and beyond.

Sometimes referred to as Mexican embroidered cakes, these cakes are inspired by traditional embroidered textiles. Otomi embroidery from central Mexico, Mexican folk art patterns, or even a modern twist on traditional textiles, these patterns are fun and joyful.

Wedding Themes for Embroidered Wedding Cakes

Not every wedding theme is perfectly compatible with this amusing wedding cake. A garden wedding done in pale hues of pinks and blues, or a sophisticated gala in rich gem colors may not pair well with a Mexican embroidered wedding cake.

This cake style is ideal for bold, targeted themes such as Day of the Dead and Fiesta. Your embroidered wedding cake will look perfect alongside brightly colored linens and vivid centerpieces. Really, there is no better cake style for these themed wedding receptions.

An embroidered wedding cake works equally well with less themey wedding styles. Any wedding where bright colors are featured will be an ideal backdrop for this wedding cake. Rainbow weddings, festive summer soirees all fit the bill to pair with this look.

If you still love this style but are concerned with how it fits with your overall wedding style, opt to do your grooms cake in this style. You’ll still have great photos of the wedding cake, but it won’t be central in your cake photo ops.

Pattern Options for Embroidered Wedding Cakes

Otomi embroidery is filled with images of birds, plants and flowers.The pattern uses a mix of reds, oranges, blues and yellows along with other colors.

If you have a love of flowers, a Gancho embroidery style might be for you. The style is done in rich flower patterns, on a white or even darkly colored background.

Still, you don’t have to pick a certain traditional pattern to get the embroidered cake look. With the right icing technique that imitates sewn thread, and a host of exciting colors, your cake will be a beautiful addition to your wedding reception.

Your wedding cake can take on a more neutral, subdued look even when using this style of wedding cake. Limit your colors to fewer in number for a modern twist. Alternatively, use one color in a variety of shades that matches your chosen wedding colors.

Cake Toppers for Embroidered Wedding Cakes

There is a large range of cake tops that work well with Mexican embroidered wedding cakes.

Brightly colored flowers always make an impact. Go for dyed daisies in a variety of colors, or bright marigolds and daffodils. A small burro can be nestled among the flowers depending on your wedding theme, or stand alone with one or two bright blooms.

Embroidered wedding cakes can also be topped with a mini bride and groom. The traditional ceramic or porcelain bride and groom with sweeping dress and tuxedo may look awkward. However, a miniature couple carved in wood and painted with a day of the day makeup would be fitting. As would a couple done in a sugar sculpture.

As creative as you can get with your wedding topper, this cake is so vibrant and festive it speaks for itself. You can put a few sugar flowers on top, or skip a wedding topper altogether and still get compliments on your unique wedding cake.