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Trend Spotted! Neon Signs

Neon signs are becoming oh-so-trendy at wedding receptions and we are so excited about this trend. Neon wedding signs range from the sentimental to the humorous, can be customized and reusable, and add an edgy, festive flair to wedding reception decor. 

We’re showcasing some great neon wedding signs, and how to use them in your wedding.

Custom vs Reusable

As neon signs rise in popularity, many wedding decorators are keeping them in stock. Your DJ may also have neon sign packages to add to their lighting offerings. The bar setup you choose may also include a festive neon sign. Or if you’re really loving the trend, you may opt for more than one option!

Adding a neon sign to a rental package with a vendor keeps your cost low. They’ll take care of the setup and tear down. You won’t have to worry about remembering to pack up your sign or where to store it after the wedding.

The downside will be availability. Depending on their inventory, you may be limited in phrases and colors. Working with a wedding planner who knows what vendors have items in stock, which means getting the most options.

That being said, many couples are choosing to have their signs custom made. Your sign may include your monogram, wedding date, a phrase from your vows or even your wedding hashtag. Custom signs means personality and choosing your sign color. 

GOBO 2.0

Couples have loved the added touch of a GOBO in their reception decor. Having your names, initials, wedding date or some combination lit up on the dance floor or a nearby wall helped to personalize your reception. 

These days, we’re seeing neon signs take the place of traditional GOBO’s in weddings. You can have the same personalization, but done up in fun, bright colors. 

If replacing your GOBO with a neon sign, think carefully where the sign would work best. Obviously you can’t place it on the dance floor like a GOBO would be, but you’ll want to get some great photo ops with your sign. Hang it behind your dinner table for optimum photo bombs, or against a backdrop near the wedding cake table if you only want a few pics.

Choosing Your Neon Wedding Sign

In addition to your wedding date and/or names, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to wedding neon signs.

Every wedding needs directional signage. A neon sign adds an urban touch to an outdoor wedding, guiding guests as the ceremony progresses into the evening reception. 

Your neon sign may be more universal, with a wedding-related loving sentiment. It Was Always You, ‘Til Death, and Better Together are all popular options. You’ll be able to source a rentable sign with one of these sayings in from your wedding coordinator or decorator. 

Location, Location, Location

The location of your neon wedding sign will depend, in part, to the type of sign you choose. But you have to start with one essential – the electrical outlet.

A good decorator or wedding planner will work directly with your venue to ensure the location of your neon wedding sign is placed with proper electricity and an enticing backdrop should you need one.

Neon signs are perfect on the bar or with the DJ set up. They add edge and a party atmosphere, mimicking your favorite bar or club, perfect for couples who love to party. Your names or a fun phrase like Drunk in Love work equally well in this location.

Neon wedding signs in the entryway of your reception means the ultimate photo moment. Guests will love posing in front of a greenery or floral wall, or seated at a vignette with your sign in the background. Give guests that Instagramable moment during cocktail hour to keep up the reception energy.

Wedding Decor to Home Decor

If you’re looking to add a pop in your home decor and have a fun reminder of your wedding, get a customized neon sign that will look equally good in your home.

Neon signs are a fun addition to bedrooms, media rooms, or master baths. Any area of your home that needs a lift of eclectic decor will be well suited to place your custom sign

In addition to being an on-trend decor piece, your customized neon sign is a great conversation piece. We especially love putting your wedding neon sign on or above your home bar. Neon signs give off the perfect bar feel and enjoying a drink with friends is a great time to reminisce about your wedding.

Be Wary of DIY

As with every trend, it’s getting easier and easier to find ready-made neon signs and customizable signs for your wedding. But before your Aunt Lorna picks up one at Hobby Lobby or has one made on Etsy, think carefully about going DIY.

With or without a wedding planner, there are dozens of To Do’s to remember on your wedding day. Buying your own sign from a craft store may seem like a cheaper and simpler solution, but it requires extra work. You’ll need to ensure the sign gets to the reception facility on time and ensure you have the proper electricity in place for your sign. Someone will need to remember to take the sign down at the end of the reception, and be sure it’s stored safely if you’re taking it home. 

Give yourself peace of mind and one less “To Do” by using a wedding professional for your wedding neon sign.