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Wedding Mocktails: Mix It Up with Bar Alternatives

Weddings and booze typically go hand in hand. Mimosa bars, his and her cocktails, champagne toasts – it’s all a part of the celebration. Typically, but not always.

Whether for lifestyle, religious or health choices, dry weddings are having a moment. Even if you don’t go completely alcohol free, having trendy, stylish options for your non-drinking guests is a part of being a great host.

We have a list of booze-free drinks that can be done up big and fancy or kept low-key and self-served.

Italian & Gourmet Soda Bar

Skip the Diet Coke and Dr Pepper – we’re talking seriously cool and sexy sodas.

Sparkling flower sodas, herbal soft drinks, Italian sodas can all be in the lineup at your wedding. These high-end soda options can look and taste incredible and offer plenty of fizz and pop. These soft drinks can stand on their own, or also be the base for mocktails by adding tonic or additional mixer options.

We especially love the packaging of gourmet sodas. You can set them up beautifully in a self-serve display if you’re serving them on your own. Talk to your wedding planner or decorator to create a setup that is festive and accessible.

If you love to support local, talk to your caterer about locally-sourced options in the region.

Juice Bar Bonanza

A Juice Bar is an ideal addition to a brunch or garden-style wedding reception. And a great option for health-savvy couples.

Adding a juice bar can be as customized as you like. For smaller weddings, juice options can be hand-picked and fresh pressed for each guest. If your wedding is on a larger scale, have your caterer batch three options in advance for your guests. Each selection should have a different flavor profile and final color such as a Green Goddess juice, an orange Morning Sunshine or a red Antioxidant Power juice.

Kick up the juice bar at your wedding by adding bright, colorful decor. Piles of fruit make your display look extra-fresh and tempting. Nestle your carafes of finished juices and smoothies in an ice display to keep them both cool and stylish.

Cold Brew Teas & Kombucha

Cold brew teas and kombucha are hot on the food and drink scene at the moment. Guests who love to follow trends will enjoy the options, and wedding guests unfamiliar with the beverages will get a kick out of trying something new.

Kombucha is naturally bubbly and effervescent. This option will look and taste great in traditional flutes or coupes. The flavors are many and it’ll be easy to find selections that work with any season.

Premium cold brew tea is lightly sweet and full of flavor. Visually, cold brew tea doesn’t exactly wow the crowd on its own. So be sure to work with your caterer to pick cold brew tea that comes in adorable packaging or set up in a display that is eye-catching.

We love this option for trendy weddings with an edge.

Mocktail Heaven

Mocktails have come a long way from a simple diet sprite with a twist of lemon.

Creating a great mocktail means creating a custom experience. You’ll want to hire experienced bartenders for this one and ensure your caterer provides a variety of tonics, mixers and juices. Top the mocktails with herbs, berries or a citrus twist to add some sexy to the glass.

Mocktails can be done in advance, perhaps custom options representing the couple. Give your guests variety by having one sweet and one sour option.

This is a great option for elegant, classic weddings with a custom guest experience.

Hot Coffee & Cold Brew

Nothing beats a classic coffee bar for warming your guests inside and out.

The trick is to keep your bar upscale with multiple offerings. You don’t just want a coffee urn with a few syrups here. Work through your caterer and get a great barista that can add flair with flavor and appearance. For a trendy twist, add cold brew options to your coffee bar. Many caterers can serve up cold brew along with hot coffee.

Just like glassware is important for other beverages, the right mug will make all the difference in presentation. A thick, white mug will create a cozy feel while glass mugs look elegant.

We love this for winter weddings, when cuddling up with a luxury coffee is perfect. Not to mention essential at a brunch event.