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8 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cakes are beautiful, classic and never go out of style. But if you’re looking for something new and unique for your wedding, consider one of these wedding cake alternatives. From new types of cakes to completely different dessert options, we have nine wedding cake alternatives for you to discover.


Meemo’s Bakery

Skip the fluffy cake layers and head for rich, satisfying cheesecake.

Cheesecake comes in many forms and flavors. A rich pumpkin or chocolate for the fall, a bright fruity berry for the spring, key lime for a summertime wedding. If you can’t decide on just one, offer a variety of cheesecakes on display and have guests choose their own with an attendant to help slice and plate.

Cheesecake works well in minis and small portions, so if you’re looking for individual cakes set out on the table, or perhaps a display of smaller desserts, a cheesecake may be your best option. They look beautiful plated in cheesecake rounds with decorative drizzles, or done up in individually served cups.

Bakers that specialize in cheesecakes, like Meemo’s Bakery, can give you a variety of ideas on both flavors and display options.

Dessert Bars

Wedding Dessert Bar

If you’re a couple who wants it all, forget making a choice and do a full on dessert bar.

The options with dessert bars are as big as you can imagine. You can have traditional wedding cakes alongside cupcakes and mini tartlets.

Your dessert bar can carry out a theme as well. Maybe you match your wedding color scheme with the desserts (some colors are easier than others!), or keep the desserts rustic with apple strudel and cherry pies. Or the theme can be as simple as an all mini dessert bar.

A dessert bar can be international as well. Explore the classic desserts from both of your ancestral heritage, or the history connected to your wedding venue. Work with a local San Antonio wedding baker such as The Exclusive Cake Shop to create unique options.



Fruit Tarts

Fruit Tartlets

Hosting a summer wedding? A fruit tart wedding cake may be calling your name.

Packed with berries, kiwi, figs and more, fruit tarts are just the right amount of sweet. The shortbread butter crust and vanilla bean mousse filling balance the sugary fruit for a rich and satisfying dessert. San Antonio wedding baker Blanca’s Cakes can give you multiple options to consider.

Small fruit tartlets make impressive individual desserts for weddings. You can set them in towers with different flavors, or place them at each place setting.

Create more of a wedding cake look by stacking tiers of fruit tarts of different flavors and sizes.

Gourmet Doughnuts

Doughnuts are a fun wedding cake alternative that has been trending in weddings for a few years.

With the rise in popularity of brunch and breakfast weddings, doughnuts make a great wedding dessert. But guests love doughnuts anytime of the day. Serve them in lieu of a wedding cake or add them to your late-night catering offerings.

Avoid the temptation to pick up a box of inexpensive doughnuts and arrange them on your own. The gourmet style doughnuts made by wedding bakers are designed to last from the first baking to final consumption.

Also, if you’re looking for beautifully decorated doughnuts in interesting arrangements, think beyond the doughnut wall for your display and have your gourmet wedding doughnut stacked in tiers, presented in rustic baskets, or set up on a donut “tree.”

Pie Heaven

Wedding Pie Display

Rustic chic weddings just seem to beg for the use of wedding pies.

Pecan, Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, Rhubarb – you can always find the right pie for the right season. If you’re having a hard time deciding on which flavors to include, get ideas from your baker and think seasonally. Sweet potato pie for autumn, chocolate during the winter months, cherry for spring and just about any berry in the summertime will do.

Of course, there’s no need to choose just one. Offer a variety of seasonal pies at your wedding for maximum guest satisfaction. Reach out to a quality San Antonio baker such as Meemo’s Bakery, who can give you your best options.

For display, you can choose to have full-sized pies lining a long, wooden table for a truly rustic look. Or, select a display of mini pies for a grab and go guest experience. Using platforms, your baker can also create a tiered look.

Pecan Bars

No dessert says Texas more than pecan bars!

Pecan bars are delicious enough to stand on their own as a wedding cake alternative, or added to a larger dessert bar display.

And no matter how you pronounce pecan, we can all agree they are Texas-sized tasty, baked into a variety of bar styles that can be chocolatey, caramely, all with that classic crust.

Kick your display up a notch by adding in additional types of dessert bars. Lemon bars make a nice addition, as do chocolate brownies, vanilla blondies and unique dessert bars such as S’more bars. Head to premium San Antonio wedding baker, Blanca’s Cakes for ideas.

Cream Puffs


Known in France as Croquenbouche, a towering display of cream puffs is sure to impress at your wedding reception. Croquenbouche can be stacked and decorated in a variety of ways, so don’t think you’re just stuck with a tower of brown.

Alternatively, you can serve cream puffs on display alongside a display of petit fours, eclairs and chocolate bites. Work with a quality San Antonio wedding baker to create your own options.

Cream puffs also make a great wedding favor. If you’re not ready to replace your wedding cake with a tower of cream puffs, have your baker box them individually. People will love the sweet bite to enjoy on the way home.

Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops

Called cake pops or cake balls, these festive little balls of cake are a great wedding cake alternative. A cake pop has a slender, usually white stick for holding the dessert by hand, whereas a cake ball fits snugly in an individual wrapper or stacked on a tier. San Antonio wedding baker Exclusive Cake Shop can show you your options.

We love that cake pops can be easily decorated to match the colors of your wedding. They look beautiful in light, pastel colors and can be done up in items such as sugar flowers, sugar crystals or gold chocolate dusting.

Cake Pops can be displayed under a top tier of a traditional wedding cake, added to a dessert bar, or set at each place setting.