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What to Know About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography makes an excellent gift for your fiance. This gift can be given at any time during the wedding planning from Valentine’s Day to your Honeymoon.

Keep in mind, you will often feel your most beautiful when preparing for your wedding day. You’ll be working on your skincare and beauty in preparation for the wedding day. This is a great opportunity to get some boudoir photos done for your fiance!

Learn more about boudoir photography, what to expect for your photo shoot and how to prepare.

Your Boudoir Photography Style

The look you are going for will determine what to wear. Are you a girly girl? Think corsets, stockings and a great pair of stilettos. If you are a self-proclaimed tomboy, then maybe some strategically ripped jeans and a snug fitting white t-shirt will fit the bill.

Oscar McAnally with Vanity Boudoir Photography encourages brides to bring whatever makes them feel sexy. Some ideas from Oscar include “…your favorite dress, lingerie, your man’s tie or sports jersey, or anything in his favorite color such as jewelry or high heels.”

Boudoir photography is a special kind of photography and it helps to work with a photographer that specializes in this area. Vanity Boudoir Photography exclusively shoots boudoir photos and focuses on a bride’s unique style and makes her feel completely confident.

Preparing for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

The location will depend on your photographer and where you are comfortable. They might have their own studio, or recommend a venue that they have a great relationship with.

Or, some will head to a location of your choice to capture these special photos. Discuss options with your photographer well in advance so they bring all the necessary equipment.

Remember, you’ll want to hire a glam squad the day of your photoshoot. Keep in mind, many photographers like to use their own team of glam professionals. This helps them achieve the look they are going for. Ask for a preferred list of professionals they work with on a normal basis.

What to Expect at Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

For most women, a boudoir photoshoot is a new experience. And their biggest concern is feeling comfortable.

You can expect an experienced boudoir photographer to know how to make you feel comfortable and confident during the shoot. This means everything from positive feedback during the photos to having a robe ready in-between shots.

Some women might feel more comfortable with a female photographer. If that’s you, consider booking with Cherie Amour. They have a team of female photographers whose goal is to bring out your unique personality and beauty. As the Cherie Amour team says, “Beauty is not only a look, but also a mindset.” They work with any style from jeans and a T-shirt or old-school glam.

Expect your photo session to be about two hours long depending on who is doing hair and makeup for you.

Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

Asking the right questions can also help you feel more comfortable and confident prior to your photo shoot.

Start with asking about their privacy policies regarding your intimate images. This includes not only the photographers on set, but anyone who may have access to your images.

Also, asking about retouching. You want to look like you! Be sure you discuss in advance what level of retouching you want and expect.

Lastly, review not only your personal style but how much nudity you are comfortable with.

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