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Your 2.0 Wedding

Events of all kinds have been rescheduled, reconstructed and reimagined these days. And you may just be a couple who has experienced this first hand. Naturally, weddings have gone through many changes as well. Weddings are smaller in size. With smaller guests, they often span several days.

Having to reinvent what your looks like means couples are thinking more deeply about what a wedding is truly all about. Read on to hear how weddings have evolved, and the meaning couples are finding behind them.

Consider the Purpose

Take a moment to step back and really examine the purpose of your wedding. Yes, there’s the dress. Or the suit. And the flowers. And the decor. Every detail is something to get excited about.

We’ve been told for years that weddings are the “Bride’s Day.” But weddings are so much more than that. And don’t always include a bride!

Your wedding is about celebrating your union among your loved ones. Think through what that means to you. Deconstruct everything “expected” in a wedding and start with the true purpose and meaning.

Once you determine what celebrating your union means to you, think about how you’d like to incorporate your loved ones. What are you wanting them to be a part of? Or experience?

Think through the journey of your guests from beginning to end. Perhaps you want to show off your unique culture. Or maybe you imagine a raucous, celebratory party. Whatever you decide, infuse the gathering with meaning and purpose.

Reimagine Rituals

We recently talked about wedding traditions we’re ready to retire. And if you’re hosting a 2.0 wedding, this is the perfect way to start.

Take the wedding ceremony. If you’ve already gone through round one with your official wedding ceremony, you may feel at a loss of what to do for your 2.0 wedding.

Some couples may skip the ceremony altogether, and simply go straight to the party. Perhaps with your ceremony playing on a side screen.

But you may want to have a moment where you honor your ceremonial union with all your guests, especially those who were unable to attend your ceremony.

Recreating your full ceremony may feel awkward, to say the least. But you can still find unique ways to create something ritualistic that feels authentic. Instead of your guests in seats watching a full ceremony, incorporate them. If you used a poem in your ceremony, take a favorite stanza and have them printed. Guests can read it along with you for a lantern ceremony. Or repeat your vows by an end of the night bonfire and allow guests to share their well-wishes.

When it comes to your 2.0 wedding, anything goes. As long as it means something to you.

Foregoing Dinner

Ok, we’re not advocating that you don’t feed your guests if you keep them partying for four hours.

But – we are encouraging you to rethink what your event looks like. Forego the term wedding, and think celebration. Or gathering. Any term that gets your mind away from what is “supposed” to happen at your reception.

As you deconstruct your wedding event, you can create an event that is truly a reflection of your style and values as a couple.

Maybe that is a lavish seated dinner, followed by cake and dancing. But maybe you imagine something different. You might want to host a glowing after-party cocktail soiree. Or a fair-style event with food booths and games.

The important thing is to ensure your guests understand the flow of the event. The more outside of the box, the more you need to prepare them. Utilize your event invitation to set the expectations on dress, the event flow, and food options.

What to Wear

Oh, the fun part! Reinventing your wedding ceremony and reception means rethinking wedding day fashion.

For couples who have already hosted a ceremony, you may have already done the wedding dress and tux.

Want to show off your original gown? Don’t feel shy about wearing it again! If you’re having a modified ceremony, wear the gown then. Or perhaps during the first part of your wedding reception.

Still, who needs an excuse to buy another garment? Switch up the wedding day fashion with a new, colorful gown. Or head to a beautiful pantsuit.

For your 2.0 wedding – it’s all up to you.